I try to be a good Heathen, but as a Wiccan convert I am sometimes confused about when I should observe my faith according to Heathen holy days (henceforth “holidays”). When I first chose Heathenry over Wicca, just because it is a better fit for me, I figured the Wheel of the Year was a standard Pagan calendar and not much would change in the cycle of observance. I was wrong.

There is no Heathen Wheel.

There are days that overlap, to be sure. The major observances – the winter and the summer solstices — seem to be universal holidays in Pagandom. But beyond that, Heathens observe holidays in a fast-and-loose sort of way. I don’t mean that as a dismissal or as a slight. IMO, even among Pagans we Heathens are “rebels” because our observances are not always tied to seasonal changes. Our holidays do not ebb and flow on a six-week cycle in relation to astronomical events. Observance days — the dates and the occasion — are much a guideline for us. I mean, holidays are guidelines in any faith, but Heathens don’t share a consensus on when observances are timed, what they are called, or which ones are most important, if any (as far as Jax and I know).

Even so, Iz be Pagan and Iz be diggin’ Pagan holidays. As I said in the beginning, though, I still get confused about when I should observe Heathen holidays. Since I came out of the broom closet Wiccan, I’m sort of indoctrinated into that paradigm – and honestly, I find it helpful to keep track of time. So I’ve constructed a Heathen to Wicca crosswalk. I’m not the first to do this, but I think this is perhaps more thorough than what’s out there to date. This crosswalk is not “gospel” and it is not “official.” It’s just me trying to get a better handle on my choices of Heathen holidays, using a rubric of sorts that is easy to follow – the Wheel of the Year.

Heathen to Wiccan Wheel

We’ve actually written a lot about Heathen holidays on TPP. Well, Jax has written a lot.  🙂 Here are some great resources if you’d like to learn more:

What do you think, fellow Heathens? Do you find the Heathen holidays confusing or unstructured? What about fellow Pagans…did you know Heathens don’t subscribe to the wheel?