GG was born and raised in the South and received her postsecondary education at Florida International University, the University of South Alabama and the University of Texas at Austin (one degree each). She is a statistician by day and a bellydancer by night. She is always a pagan princess.


Jax was born and raised in Texas and met GG while attending the University of Texas at Austin (though GG was attaining a, *ahem*, slightly more advanced degree than Jax’s B.A.). She was a theater and English teacher for eight years and is now a tutor and piano teacher. She also composes science fiction and romance stories and is looking forward to the day she can hijack a Pagan Princesses post to announce her first fiction publication (GG will delete as many “squee”s and “w00t”s as she possibly can before allowing it to post, I’m sure). Jax lives with her fabulous husband (TheScott) who treats her far better than any romance hero ever could, and two cats whom she adores with all her might. The cats find Jax very useful around feeding time and on cold nights.

Toasting the Pagan Princesses

Photo by Julia of Fireflower Photography