The Pagan Princesses as a blog title might suggest (to some readers) that you’ve found fluffy bunnies. Our resounding position on this point? “Fluff no!” We both strive to consume wide and varied resources on paganism, including the practices, philosophies and trends in the movement. We both strive to continually assess our personal positions on matters of faith and to identify external influences and internal areas in need of growth.

We are not stagnant.
We are not self-righteous.
We have read more than one book on paganism.

On the other hand, we advocate patience! While there are some in the faith who were raised in a pagan family, we suspect the majority of us* have started the journey of our own accords. We were all baby pagans once, one way or another, and we’ve all made our share of gaffes. Talking about faith with somebody who hasn’t had the time (or… mental stamina…) to read further than a book or two geared at their age bracket, may be challenging, but it is also an opportunity to help someone who is likely grappling with religion-laden guilt, personal struggles or some other dilemma that has caused them to question their previously held beliefs.

Converting is personally and emotionally challenging. Religious philosophizing is deeply difficult. If we all have a little patience with each other, we can help enact positive change for not just other individuals, but for the way we are perceived in our communities. As a bonus, we can make our own journeys a lot less lonely.

What do you think? Any experiences you’d like to share? (Keep it positive, please – we can avoid fluff without ranting!)

*Paganism (in general) has been identified as the fastest growing faith in America by a recent national survey, despite the absence of a single, governing body or an evangelizing culture. In fact, according to the American Religious Identification Survey, persons who self-identified as part of the New Religious Movement (including pagans and others) grew in number more so in this decade than in the previous ten years.