And now back to your previously scheduled princess….and party planning.* I ventured out this past weekend to start collecting decorative elements for the Samhain / Halloween dinner party. I want to drape black lace strategically in the dining areas to create a dark, moody ambiance and to cast interesting shadows. The lace is only part of my decorating budget, so I couldn’t raid the entire royal treasury for this purchase. And since this fabric will essentially be a costume piece (for Super House), finding an expensive lace is not warranted. I am a tactile person and like to feel fabrics before purchasing, so I didn’t buy the lace online. I figured a conveniently located national chain would have what I need. I have to say, though, I was disappointed in the selection of black lace at said chain. There was a not-unworthy selection of wedding lace, but even that was limited. To compound the selection problem, most of the black lace had unfinished edges. *tsk tsk tsk*

I stared at the lace for a long time. The location of the black lace was distracting. It was right next to the “not-unworthy selection of wedding lace,” which had beading and sequence. My head was like a typewriter starting and the black and gliding to the left to look at sparkles. I really had to focus. After touching everything several times, I finally settled on black chantilly lace with scalloped edges. There were two bolts with remnants of black lace on them and I bought the lot of it (which was about 6 yards — gack! I hope this is enough!). I also bought some simple black fringe to dress up the edging and to give the lace a nudge towards southern gothic. Being short on sewing talent, I will likely do this using Stitch Witchery (how apropos). I will be working on the lace next week and will let you now how it goes (with pictures!).

I originally thought to drape lace over the lamps in the rooms, but that would require more effort than I have time. I would have to create an even circle with the scalloped edge and make sure the fringe hits the lamp shade just so for it to look as I imagined it. Instead, I will drape them as window treatments. This way, I don’t have to do much measuring. I will just gather the lace at the top and swag from from there. As long as the fringe hangs relatively evenly, I will have succeeded.

The next design element I will tackle is a way to “convert” the rounded arch between the dining areas (in Super House) to a faux iron gate / gothic arch. Jax and I were thinking about painting cardboard to get the desired effect. Or maybe cutting out foam. *wince* Budget… constraints… looming. Do you have suggestions for our gothic arch?

*Jax and I recognize that we have a tendency to get off-point. We started the blog as a party planning forum, but find we cannot contain our social commentary (most princesses can’t). We are planning a royal makover in an effort to align our image, narrative and mission. We trust our efforts will be met with rejoicing across the land.