Wonderful + horrible =  wonderble.

Yule is wonderful because I get to see my sister, who lives out of state.

Yule is horrible because <deep breath> the fragile routine I’m working hard to build gets chunked out the window while additional responsibilities are piled on and hundreds of extra decisions must get made–like presents; I don’t really like presents, either the giving or receiving (very un-viking of me, I know). <gasp for air>

Yule is wonderful because I will get to lounge around my mother’s home with my family, watching movies and eating hummus or popcorn. I don’t know what it is about chilling with my family watching movies at night that puts me on cloud nine, but there’s something absolutely cozy about it. I think it’s because my family, unlike my lovely DH, understands and shares my insatiable need for fiction.

Yule is horrible because sticking to my diet is harder during the holidays. It’s not anyone’s fault–my friends and family are fantastic about helping me. But it’s a rotten time of year to have to ask for the ingredients in everything before you ingest it. Some people don’t handle having their cherry chocolate histamine bomb turned down without a taste. My grandmother, bless her soul, offers me cinnamon crispy-swirly thingies every time I go over there, and continues to do so until I go into graphic detail regarding what might happen if I eat the wrong thing. Then she takes them away and reminds me that I can’t eat them. It’s adorable, but happens EVERY TIME.

Yule is wonderful because I love holiday decorations!

Yule is horrible, because if I want holiday decorations in my home, I have to put them up and (worse) take them down by myself (including decorating the tree!)

Yule is wonderful because, despite the cinnamon crispy-swirly thingies, I see my grandmother. And my aunt and uncle and cousins and hopefully this Christmas I’ll get to meet my younger cousin’s new baby!

Yule is horrible because I miss my daughters. 🙁

Yule is wonderful because I get to see my sister. Did I mention that one? Yeah…that makes it worth everything else.

What about you, Realm? What makes the holidays wonderble to you?

~ Featured Image: God Jul, by Jenny Nystrom