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RE: Controversy over “witchcraft” statements

Dear Ms. O’Donnell,

We regret recent media coverage has smeared your name in relation to references you made to “witchcraft” on Politically Incorrect many years ago. Indeed, we view this coverage and, for several reasons, hang our heads, shake them gently and cluck our teeth.

First, let us review the comments themselves. They are ludicrous and have been rebuffed by Satanists, Wiccans and scholars (reference to scholar is on page 2). [Note: For a thorough explanation of why your comments were not factual, we recommend this blog.] As you say in your response to this scuttlebutt, you were in high school when you allegedly had this experience. We are willing to err on the side of generosity and believe your recall of the events was, at the very least, inaccurate when you appeared on Politically Incorrect in 1999. We are even willing to excuse your seemingly juvenile behavior on the episode of Politically Incorrect in question (though you were long out of high school (aged 30) at the time). Admittedly, if I (GG) had a dollar for every time I spewed nonsense, I could buy a nice pair of expensive (yet sensible) high heels. Still, regardless of your intention (or lack thereof), your comments support antiquated and uninformed attitudes towards Wicca. And that is a shame.

Second, the sensationalism surrounding your comments is thinly veiled partisan politics. We do not want religion in politics, even when that religion is pagan. The fervor with which news outlets have attacked this story highlights media ignorance and intolerance. The attempt to use this as fodder to discredit you propagates the notion that practicing witchcraft is a valid reason to discredit a politician. And that is a shame.

Third, and possibly most worrisome, is that some might view or read your comments and believe you actually practiced witchcraft. *gasp* Oh my! Do not misunderstand. We believe you might benefit greatly for Wiccan teachings. Had you followed the Wiccan Rede or the Rule of Three, you might have avoided accusation of criminal behavior. The Rule of Three (aka the Law of Return) states any wrong incurred will come back to the offender three-fold. Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) assert you used campaign donations to pay your rent, purchase meals, purchase gas and fund socializing. They also state you evaded taxes. There may be people who associate your (alleged) practice of witchcraft with your (alleged) unlawful behavior. And that truly is a shame.

Blessings to our readers,
Jax and GG
The Pagan Princesses