A few months ago, Jax made a compelling case for coming out of the broom closet. The folks at International Pagan Coming Out Day (IPCOD) agree with her thesis!

IPCOD is not just a day, it is a non-profit organization that promotes a positive image of paganism and offers advice on how to transition from being IN to being OUT as a pagan. The Pagan Princesses have a deep appreciation for this approach. I also really like the personal coming out stories shared on this site. (Hmm…maybe Jax and I should share our stories.)

I especially like this organization (and their website) because their approach to coming out is realistic and pragmatic while still being supportive. Coming out is not usually a “Now I’m in” / ”Now I’m out” process. It can be fluid, ongoing and take an undefined amount of time as you come out to different groups in your life, like friends, parents or co-workers. Witchful Thinking offers useful insight into the process and suggests there are seven stages. The IPCOD philosophy is:

“Coming out to someone is a decision only you can make and it’s a decision best made when you are ready to do so. IPCOD encourages Pagans who are ready to come on out!”

I will let you read the site for yourself, but here are some highlights that demonstrate the site’s pragmatism.

From IPCOD’s Guide to Coming Out:

  • Benefits of coming out
  • Risks of coming out
  • Some things to consider as you contemplate coming out as a Pagan:
    • Is now the best time?
    • Who should I tell first?
    • Where and when should I tell them?
    • Do not apologize!
  • Coming out to family and friends
  • Coming out to colleagues or coworkers

IPCOD also suggests already outed Pagans host an event to help support the newly, soon-to-be or trying-to-be outed. One such suggestion is to host a Coming Out Ball. This has Pagan Princesses written all over it! What do you say, Jax, want to throw a ball next year?

You can also visit The Wild Hunt’s Pagan Community Notes to find out about IPCOD (and other) events happening around the country and globe. The event planned by Sacred Paths Center in Minnesota is particularly aprapos; they will be screening a new movie called American Mystic which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival last year.

For our part, the Pagan Princesses will be sending well wishes to all those in the realm who want to or plan to come out as pagan. For my part, I will start posting our blog entries on my personal Facebook page. I haven’t been doing that because I have been just a little worried (okay more than a little) about repercussions. But no good can come from denying who I am and what I believe. Cue Diana Ross!