TheScott and I upgraded our phones from the iPhone 3GS to iPhone 5s as our holiday presents to each other. Woo! I LOVE SIRI! And the camera. And the awesome screen. Seriously, what did we do before smartphones? I organize my life with mine–my calendar, my email, the weather, my To Do list, social media, my eReader (pretty much the only way I read now), music… it’s all there. I’ve even found some pretty cool Pagan oriented apps that I thought I’d share!

Daily Asatru

My favorite is Daily Asatru from Imperial Penguin, available for iPhone or Android.
This App gives a new verse from the Hávamál and the Völuspá as well as a new rune to study each day that you open it. Two translations are offered for comparison. It’s a convenient way to have verses from our two most sacred texts to study and think about each day. It’s a fast, easy way to start or end your day with a dose of Heathenry!

Rune Magic

For those looking for a Heathen oracle, Rune Magic by Dev-iQue (available for the iPhone; I haven’t found an Android version) is a fun rune caster. This allows four different styles of cast from a single focus rune to five runes with drawings for past, present, future, obstacles, and outcome. There’s no blank rune (which is an addition done in the last few decades) and relatively simple aids for interpreting. Occasionally it is clear that the explanations of the runes are translated from another language, but to me that just adds a little flavor. Fun app!

**According to GG, the Android user: It looks like there are some rune apps for Android. Some are highly rated.**

Horoscope and Tarot

For Astrology and Tarot, I’ve always used Horoscope and Tarot (available for iPhone or Android ). I’m not a regular horoscope reader, but I like the graphics used in this app. Some people are irritated by the pop up ads in this app. If you don’t like ads in your apps, there are a ton of horoscope apps to choose from! I’ve heard great things about The Daily Horoscope by Comitic as well.


Moon from CDV Concepts (iPhone) is a popular free app to keep track of moon phases. It allows you to look up moon phases for future and past dates as well! (I’m not sure how far forward/back it allows.)

**According to GG: Looks like there is a large selection of moon apps for Android, too. **

Night Sky

A non-Pagan app that I think will appeal to a lot of Pagans is Night Sky (for iPhone or Android). With this app, you can hold your phone up to the sky and have stars, constellations, satellites, and all sorts of heavenly bodies labeled as they appear from your position. It’s amazing. (And currently on sale for 99¢)

Home Routines

My favorite app of them all is probably Home Routines  (iPhone only). It’s not Pagan at all, but it’s a fantastic organizational tool for keeping track of routine tasks (like housework… or ritual work!) that has super easy to navigate daily, weekly, and monthly tasks –as well as To Do lists for non-recurring items. A built in timer, stars, and the ability to add daily notes make this the only routine organizing app I need. I love it.

What are your favorite Pagan oriented apps? Or apps in general?

+ Featured Image: Me with my new toy/lifesaving device. Taken by TheScott with his new toy.