I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a Pagan, but you don’t need to dance naked in the moonlight every 28 days* to know there’s something wrong in this country when the Pagan in my household is the one dragging the Christian out to buy a tree and sing carols around it. And with the stringing of lights and singing of “Oh Come, Oh Come Emmanuel” this Pagan joined President Obama’s (and John Stewart’s) WAR ON CHRISTMAS for 2011.

I write this assuming you’ve seen Governor Goodhair’s, er, Rick Perry’s,** latest ad. If not, take a looksie. And then take a looksie at my favorite [NSFW-sound starts immediately] of the many, many, oh-so-many parodies this ad has inspired, spoken by Jesus himself (a very nice Jesus; the kind my Christian friends would be pleased with, I think).

I watched a lot of parodies today. Some were funny, some just, well, rude, but after awhile I got tired of the snark. The wounds between differing viewpoints and cultures in our country aren’t going to heal when we’re picking at them. So here is The Pagan Princesses’ response to Perry’s ad. It doesn’t even mention him – that’s been done enough, I think – but it is heartfelt. I’d like to thank k! for her awesome work filming and doing all the tech. She continues to amaze us! And if you like the music (“Sileisian Melody” played by Frozen Silence), you can get it here.

What are your thoughts on the ad or the supposed War on Christmas?

* Which is good, ‘cause I don’t do that dancing naked in the moonlight thing. Yes, I’m a prude.
** I actually feel bad for Perry at this point. Who thought that ad was a good idea? Where were his campaign advisers who should have put the kabosh on that bad boy from the get go? Did somebody with a terrible sense of humor purposefully pick a coat that looked like it came from Brokeback Mountain, or is that really some horrific coincidence? (Or maybe Loki showed up on the set!)

+ Image: Glædelig Jul, ca 1910 from the National Library of Norway

Glædelig Jul, ca 1910