Nominations for the annual Weblog Awards (aka the Bloggies) are now open! The Bloggies are in the twelfth year, an impressive feat given the ever-changing environment of the Interwebs. One of the ways the Bloggies has remained relevant in the online community is by being responsive to changes in the blogosphere. Every year, they modify categories as needed — sometimes categories go away one year and return the next.

These awards are the blog-child of Nikolai Nolan, a self-proclaimed Japanese anime geek and  web designer / developer. You had me at “proclaim,” Nikolai! Mr. Nolan will be in the Seat of the Realm (aka Austin, TX) this spring attending the South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive conference, where blogs are heavily featured in the program of presentations.*

As the name suggests, the Weblog Awards are limited to blogs; it is not inclusive of all web sites and content.** There are 30 categories, ranging from science and technology to entertainment. There is also a category close to our hearts called Best Religion or Spirituality Weblog. And we would be honored to be nominated. <blink blink blink> <no, i don’t have something in my eye> <i’m trying to be coquettish> <oy>

Even if you don’t want to nominate us <sad face>, please consider nominating other blogs that enrich, entertain or inform your life. This awards program is terrific and we want to see it continue. In particular, we’d like to see the religion or spirituality category sustained. It is relatively new, having made its debut last year. There are a lot of wonderful sites out there that deserve props! Some of our favorites are Wild Hunt, Pantheon and The Juggler.

Here is a summary of the contest rules to help you nominate the princess…I mean nominate a blog that you love to read [and are reading right now]:

  • Any pages with dated entries that existed at some point during the year 2011 are eligible.
  • Only one ballot may be submitted per person. If you verify a second ballot, your first one will be replaced.
  • Individual e-mail addresses (along with confirmations) are required to vote.
  • You can submit three nominations per category.
  • Weblogs may be nominated for multiple categories, but not more than once in a single category.
  • Nominees must suit the category they are placed in.

Nominations close next Sunday, January 15th (10pm EST), so submit your favorite sites soon! Nomination or not…Jax and I are thrilled you are reading. Thank you for royally rocking and for letting us carry our sceptors through the sphere of blogs.

Speaking of reading blogs…are there any blogs you think we should be reading that we haven’t cited before?



* SXSW interactive hosted the Bloggies award ceremony from 2003 to 2009. In 2010, the ceremony moved to the Bloggies Twitter feed. And since 2011, the ceremonies have been co-hosted by the Bloggies Facebook page and the Twitter account.

** For this kind of contest, look to the Webby Awards, which have been going strong for 16 years.

+ Featured image, Schneider Trophy. Photo ©2006 Wikimedia Commons user Trounce. Licensed under CC-BY-SA-2.5.