Jax and I have been considering a redesign of our blog for several months now. Our very talented (and very patient) friend, k!, agreed to undertake the task. She listened to our concepts and pitched a few ideas, but our wants were not sated (isn’t that just like a princess?). Several discussion later, we were still absent ideas that made us both happy (and that is definitely just like a princess!). When Jax pointed out we resembled the wrong side of this comic, we decided to put a hold on the redesign until we had a better idea of who we were and what we wanted.

And that helped. We only launched the site last August; waiting a few months to redesign the site allowed time for our blog voice to emerge. k! knows us both personally, reads the blog and leaves comments. She is perfectly poised to “hear” our princess voice. Better poised than we are, quite frankly. Also, k! is a web designer goddess. So, we bowed down in deference to her talents and let her take the reins (or reign, if you will).* And then the site really got rolling.

k!’s design choice was driven by our content. She “hears” our blog voice as a (royal) blend between an OpEd and an event planning. More OpEd than events, depending on the time of year (that is, whether or not we are planning a party). k! chose a design that would accommodate and represent our serious side and our not-so-serious (and definitely cheeky) side.

And the design rocks! Yay k!!

k! has created a site that is, in our not-so-humble opinions, elegant, professional and easy to navigate. And it features our mascot. We’ve decided to name her Brisingamen, after Freya’s necklace. That’s Bri [bree] for short, but more on her later!

Please take some time to click around the new site. And let us know what you think!

*My apologies. I cannot resist a bad pun.