It’s a Blog Birthday!!! I’m looking forward to celebrating in person with all ye of the realm who can make it Friday the 26th at Butterfly Bar! For today, the anniversary of our first non-introductory post, I’ve taken a stroll down memory lane and come up with some of my favorite things that my Partner in Princessing has said. Are your favorites on my list?


“I’m no Miss Manners, but an immediate assumption of willful ignorance when someone asks for help seems unkind.” – The Vulnerability of Asking for Help (or Please Just Answer the Question)

I love this one because it’s my GG at her understated best (although I STILL think she should’ve stuck a “damn” in the title, as in: “Just Answer the Damn Question” – oh, royal readers, if you only knew the challenges we throw at each other behind the scenes! I.E. be glad GG edits my work before you read it.)


“Since I do not expect a divine power to forgive me, I must forgive myself. Since I do not believe a higher power will resolve my troubles, I must resolve them myself. My relationship with gods is ever evolving, but I expect no more from them than I am willing to give.” – Controlling Interest

If I was going to sum GG up in a nutshell, this might be how I would do it. I love her for her fierce independence and her honesty. This post was one of the first times GG ripped out something really personal – the intensity took me by surprise in a really good way! – and the passion that showed through in her writing was inspiring.


“I was just a statistic, one of the many who couldn’t remain true to the sacred relationship between resolution and resolutee (resolutor? resoluted? resolutated). Damn my overachieving dopamine receptors!” – New Year’s Constitution

New Year’s Constitution is, I think, the funniest post GG has written, and again so her. (This post also has what might be my favorite comment of all time, courtesy of T.K.)


“This has me rethinking the equinox. I have always thought of it as a time of peaceful or calm transition, when the sun and moon are truly equal. In contrast, I have always thought of the solstices as times of forceful change. But maybe this philosophy is all wrong. Maybe the equinox is a time when Earth Mother is equally torn between two extremes, as I am torn now.”- Finding Balance Near the Equinox

I love this quote because it’s something I’d never thought of before, the idea that balance is sometimes achieved not as this zen, tranquil thing, but when the weight on both sides of the scale is equally heavy. Deep stuff. (This post also wins my “favorite featured image” award; I’ve repeated it here for your viewing pleasure.)


“Still, it’s fun to think of paganism as my “Red Jones” — a good lookin’ option that was my way out of the field!” – Stories about my Grandmother

Unfortunately out of context doesn’t quite do this quote justice (although I still think it’s awesome) But this one is not only my favorite quote, but it comes from my favorite post, GG’s retelling of the years she lived with her Grandmommy. It includes a celestial love triangle, a hot guy on a motorcycle (that would be Red Jones), and “britches” getting thrown down a well – and is well worth a read if you haven’t seen it!

GG, I’ve had an amazing year getting to know you better through The Pagan Princesses, and I’m looking forward to another fabulous year of working together in frith and fun. Love you!