Up until this point we’ve discussed many things on the blog, but ostensibly it’s been about planning a fabulous Halloween Party. Well… Halloween is over, which begs the question…

Where do we go from here?*

Time and money being the issues they always are (shouldn’t princesses have unlimited funds?? *sigh*), our next big fete won’t happen again until springtime – we’re contemplating a Beltane/Walpurgis/Thrimilci celebration, which would be around May 1. Maybe something outside. We dunno yet. And we’re not planning it yet.

When we sat down a couple weeks ago to face the inevitable, we defined our mission statement:

A royal brew of (pagan) social issues and (pagan) socializing…and what shoes to wear while doing both.**

We realized that while we did enjoy writing about the party, we really got our passion on when writing about living as social pagans. And so as we shift gears over the next few months, we’ll be writing more about day-to-day pagan life, pagan social issues (political and personal), and trying to get along as members of a minority religion – without being weird about it. We’d like to do interviews with people of all faiths about pagan perceptions and interfaith dialog. Most importantly, we want to build a community of people who, like us, think religion is not something that needs to be hidden in a social situation – because, dern it, we can all get along.

We’ll also be working on an update of the site that incorporates our fabulous mascot. Hopefully we have not completely scared off our amazing friend who is a fabulous web designer by our past lack of comprehension of what we want. *Waves at Kat* Princesses are sometimes impossible to work with, we know. *blush*

So what would you like to read more of? Have any suggestions for future articles? Directions you’d like to see us take? What have been your favorite things we’ve written about and why?

* “The battle’s done, and we kind of won, so we sound our vict’ry cheer…” Pardon me while I indulge my Buffy fetish…
** Speaking of, my mother just gave me a pair of utterly fabulous boots. I’m so excited!