Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

Wait…Read Ye, Read Ye! Wow. That looks lame. Ah, screw it.

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

All ye royal readers are invited to The Pagan Princesses’ “One Year Anniversary Happy Hour” Celebration!


Date: Friday, August 26, 2011

Time: 5:00-7:00pm (though we will likely hang out for much longer)

Place: The Butterfly Bar (@ the Vortex), 2307 Manor Road, Austin, TX 78722 (directions)


This is a family friendly affair! The Butterfly Bar has a large yard for kiddos to wander safely, a lovely deck for lounging about, and air-conditioned indoor seating, too. And they have hula hoops! They serve wine and beer and select food items. Want more menu options? No worries! The owner, Emily, suggests you pick up something from El Chilito next door or order pizza from East Side Pies (they’ll deliver)! Jax and I have visited the Butterfly Bar on several occasions while attending a show at the Vortex. We both really like the location and the space. Plus, the Vortex is no stranger to paganism; it is oft the location for Tejas Web gatherings.

As a courtesy to the venue, we’d like to provide a count of attendees the week of the Happy Hour. Please let us know if you can attend below. Feel free to just enter your first name (or your comment name). No negative numbers, please. 😎 We hope to see all of our readers there so we can start putting faces to the names of our commenters! We’ll be sure to raise a glass to our non-Austin readers in honor of those who live too far away to attend.


[form 2 “Anniversary Happy Hour”]

Thanks Charles, B and C for giving a shout out for Jax Joint last week. We were oh-so-close to choosing that venue, but a recent announcement on their website says the cafe was just sold and will be converted into a sports bar by the end of the month. A special thanks to B for suggesting the Butterfly Bar as centrally located alternative with outdoor and indoor seating.

I still encourage you to try the other locations we posted last week. Almost every venue I contacted responded with warm wishes for our anniversary and open arms for our event. The following places get a princesses’ crown of approval!

          ♕ Boat House Grill

              -  Hula Hut

          ♕ Jax Neighborhood Cafe

          ♕ Kick Butt Coffee*

          ♕ Reds Porch

          ♕ Ski Shores

Not that we disapprove of Hula Hut, but they didn’t respond to our email inquiry. For my own part, I plan on spreading my business around to these places whenever possible. Wait. That doesn’t sound right. I mean I plan on patronizing these establishments when I get the chance, because they are all wonderful, local venues.

August 26th is the Happy Hour, but the “for real” anniversary is next Tuesday, August 16th. We will be celebrating online by posting our favorite TPP quotes. On Tuesday, Jax will highlight “sound bites” (read bites? ugh, lame) from my posts. I will do the same next Friday using Jax’s posts. Do you have any favorite quotes? We’d love for you to add to the online party next week by chiming in!


* I have been to Kick Butt Coffee (north) several times and will continue to go there. A friend of mine, Z-Helene, hosts a monthly bellydance show there the 3rd Saturday of every month. Kick Butt is always courteous and welcoming at these shows!

+ Featured image, Yellow Butterfly by Albert Bierstadt