Hello lords and ladies! This is a short, but sweet, post to update you on our Royal Events. Jax and I had big hopes for a Beltane event open to the public. Alas, Lady Fortune has other plans for us this year. Jax and I have every intention of proposing a new idea for Beltane. And as soon as we figure out what that is, we will post it!

What do princesses do when they aren’t planning a party?

Well, we are usually planning for something else. I am spring cleaning and making updates to my house. It will be up for sale within the month and I want it to look as beautiful to others as it has always been in my mind’s eye. All of my spare time (and other resources) is being funneled into this project for the time being.

This lofty project is absorbing all of my mental and emotional power. I have decided to distract myself regularly by finding and enjoying frivolity where I can. Let me share today’s find with you…spring fashion! My lofty project includes going through my garments and storing winter wear. This has me thinking of lighter and more comfortable clothes.

Vintage Spring Fashion

It looks like there is something for everyone in ladies fashion (sorry fellas) this spring. Bold colors, muted colors, block prints, animal prints, tight clothes, loose clothes, short skirts, long skirts, and on and on. Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! [I have always wanted a pair of Ruby Red slippers. With higher heels, of course.]

I think all women are princesses at heart and whether you like fashion or not, it is fun to look at the pictures. Though I really want to feed all these models cheeseburgers! [Cue Jimmy Buffet.]

This stream-of-consciousness post and moment of frivolity has been brought to you by The Pagan Princesses!