As I Dig

As I dig in the garden
My trowel strikes something hard.
And the child inside can’t help but wonder
Is it a time capsule?
Some buried artifact,
Left behind by owners long gone?

Or pirate treasure?

My adult self knows it is a rock.
A big one.
And it will be arduous to crack apart and remove.
But I must do so if I wish to plant this Salvia bush,
One of a symmetric pair that will soon greet visitors arriving at my home.

Even so, I remind myself that Billy the Kid once roamed this area.

If I must dig (and dig I must today)

Dreaming of treasure
Is a better use of my time
Than fretting over the challenges of a rock.

~ Jax Garren

I hope your gardens are going well this spring! I don’t normally write poetry, but I was inspired while breaking ground for this year’s spring garden. I’d love to hear about all the lovely things being planted around The Realm, so tell us about it in the comments!

Disclaimer: I don’t believe Billy the Kid ever actually made it to the Austin area; he was in Arizona and New Mexico. But I loved Young Guns when I was a teenager (whatever happened to Emilio Estevez? What a hottie!) and most of the Texas outlaws are not people I’ve ever heard of. I almost used Jesse James; family legend says my great-great-great grandfather had a drink with him once!

Featured Image: Salvia bush in my garden, taken by me