Saturday night (the dinner party) was a resounding success! Marked not only by satisfied guests, but satisfied hosts as well. Jax and TheScott served up a delicious menu and all the house looked great. I have a new found respect for all the work Jax and TheScott have put into their dinner parties over the last seven or so years. While planning is imperative, execution is what makes or breaks the event. We nailed both!

I will blog more about what went right and what can be improved next time. Today, I just want to post some photos and fondly remember the company, the ambiance and the laughter. And sleep. I also want to sleep. I haven’t gotten my full 8 hours of nightly beauty rejuvenation in over a week. But it was worth it. 🙂

Jax & GG as Sookie & Arlene

Thaumatrope Guest Gift

"Boo" Banner

"Happy Hallowe'en" Banner

Arlene Serves Dinner

Pretty Wine Glass