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Paying a Debt is a Deed, Part II

Paying a Debt is a Deed, Part II

Last week, I told my tale of education and how I accrued student debt. I’ve got mad cred academically, but as a result, I’ve got bad cred financially. Actually, my credit score isn’t that bad, but it isn’t great, either. This week, I’ll share with you the second part of me education / student debt...
Be Brave with the Princesses!

Be Brave with the Princesses!

A “Brave” Meetup! As GG mentioned a couple weeks ago, we are heading to the movies to celebrate Midsummer (much more relaxing, indeed, than building a mini-Stonehenge) and we’d love for you to join us! This Sunday (the 24th) at 10:10am Alamo Drafthouse Village we’ll toast the summer with a cold glass of something and...
The Princesses' Food Manifesto (Part 1)

The Princesses’ Food Manifesto (Part 1)

Consumers are being asked to make food choices in terms of not only health and money issues, but in terms of environmental and social values as well. The task of food shopping has become fraught with conflicting information, frustration and, often, outright cynicism. Being an educated consumer has never been more challenging. – Mary V....
Where Do We Go... From Here?

Where Do We Go… From Here?

Up until this point we’ve discussed many things on the blog, but ostensibly it’s been about planning a fabulous Halloween Party. Well… Halloween is over, which begs the question… Where do we go from here?* Time and money being the issues they always are (shouldn’t princesses have unlimited funds?? *sigh*), our next big fete won’t...