We hope everyone had a fantastic holiday filled with love, laughter, food, fun, kith, and kin…and time off from work. Mine had all of the above thanks to my niece (and to my office for the time off). Samantha is Pagan, too, but we both celebrate the day and honor the traditions we have both come to know and love.

Over time, watching movies on Christmas has become a tradition. It wasn’t a tradition when I was a kid. Probably because the technology that allows us to watch anything we want at anytime wasn’t a household item. I mean, that was *cough* *cough* years ago, after all. But now it’s a tradition I really enjoy. There’s something about having everyone settle down to watch together that makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

Several years ago, my sister and niece visited me and we found a Christmas movie On Demand that none of us had heard of before. We watched it on a lark and it turned out to be a delightful romp into movie cliché-dom. The movie is Nativity! and I highly recommend it. It’s a little slow to start, but well worth the commitment.

One of the clichés is a “play within a play” scenario, where the “play within” is a primary school musical production of the Christian nativity (it’s a private school in England). Here’s a little snippet from the movie — my favorite song from the “play within” called “Sparkle and Shine.” If you become infatuated with the film, it’s available on DVD (but not yet on Netflix), and the soundtrack is on iTunes.

Of course, there are many other move recommendations I can make, but I’ll save those for future posts. Sharing holiday movies with you  may become a new tradition! 🙂

Featured image, GG and Samantha (my niece) on Christmas Day.