In a funny turn of events (funny as in raised eyebrow, not really funny as in haha), Jax and I completely forgot about sending an invitation to the Halloween dinner party. We did send a “save the date” email to guests last week, but that was only to guests with kiddos, so they could secure a babysitter. And even that message was sent later than intended. What a kick in the pants! We have been blogging about this event since August and we totally forgot to orchestrate one of the major components of the party – guests!! Invitation FAIL. *Sigh* Where is a good chamberlain when you need one?

The rule of thumb seems to be the more elaborate the event, the earlier the invitations should be sent. On an “elaborate” scale of 1 to 10, I’d say our event is a 4. We need to know who is coming so Jax and TheScott can plan portion sizes and so we can arrange seating. However, we are not using a caterer and there will be no servers. Though we are requesting guests to dress accordingly (in costume, that is). If we had a “do-over,” we would have sent the invitations last week.

Instead, we will send them this week. Jax and I have always discussed using an electronic invitation. Our friend, k!, introduced us to pingg where all of the art content is developed by actual artists. You gotta love a site that uses Cheech and Chong as a simile for their user experience. I’ve selected a Victorian Halloween themed invitation to set the mood. [not in blog: Do you like this invite? YES!!]

Now for the basics…what will the invitation include? Here’s a list of details that any princess worth her weight in gold should include:

  • Date and time, including any time changes (for example, the time for the Ancestor chair blessing and the time for the dinner),
  • Location with specific address, including directions and a map (even though everyone knows where Super House is located),
  • Conduct expectations such as a dress code, adults-only stipulation, etc. (we’ll be encouraging costumes),
  • Event description (Southern Gothic, y’all),
  • RSVP contact information and deadline (This will be easy since the invitation is electronic. That is, it should be easy, provided guests actually respond!),
  • Host name(s) and relationship to guest(s) of honor (no guest of honor for this event).

This list has me asking a few questions. Is the dinner time the actual time dinner will be served, or is it the time we want people to arrive? The invitation could read “Dinner will be served at Xpm” or “Please arrive by X:30pm.” I kinda like the way “Dinner will be served…” sounds. Its so…regal. Should we call our event “Halloween / Samhain”? I mean, we are Pagan Princesses and we are trying to gently introduce our friends to a pagan celebration. So it seems we should call out the pagan element in the event title. Hmm…Jax, what do you think?

And finally, who are the hosts? Well, we have been blogging about this event as the Pagan Princesses for quite some time. But the Halloween dinner will be at Super House and TheScott is one of the chef’s. And the Halloween dinner has been an annual event for Jax and TheScott since 2003 [??]. I’m only just now thinking of this, but I don’t want to eclipse TheScott in an annual (for lack of a better word) ritual that sews martial harmony. Crickey! Jax, what should we do?! TheScott, what are your TheThoughts?