People from all walks of faith (and non-faith) decorate trees in their homes to celebrate December holidays. While most decorations are easy to find, I have long searched for  something that symbolizes Winter Solstice and Yule to crown my tree. Especially since the holiday tree tradition is rooted in my Germanic ancestry! In my search, I found that we Pagans have a lot of great options for tree toppers. You could easily find a star to top your tree. Stars are fairly prevalent as symbols of faith across religions. But if you a star tree topper doesn’t call to you, here are some other suggestions…some more creative than others. 🙂

The Enchanted Garden, Etsy


Or maybe a star image does call to you, but you need more to make it your own. If you are Wiccan or a Pagan generalist (is this is real category?), a pentacle may well look pretty atop your tree. You could probably make your own topper without too much fuss, or you could buy one already made from a fellow Pagan!

Sunrae Artworks, Etsy


If traditional Christmas stars and alternative (or Pagan) star toppers aren’t your thing, perhaps what you need is the pentacle (har har har) of all stars, the sun! After all, we are waiting out long winter nights for the return of long sunny days. Suns designed to be tree toppers may not be easy to find, but you can certainly DIY yard art to crown your evergreen. has a wide selection of sizes and colors. And you may well find sales on yard art at your local hardware store this time of year. If not yard art, a wind chime or light-weight wall art might also serve well as a sun tree topper.

Goddess Gift


Wouldn’t your tree look wonderful if Gaia were sitting on top of it? She represents Mother Earth no matter the season. You’ll have to find a figurine that is the right size for your tree, and the right weight, but I thought this one was particularly fetching and festive.

Cloud Berry Crafts, Etsy


Perhaps you prefer a goddess image closer to your heart. One that is directly relevant to your faith. I found some perfect pieces browsing the web that are light in weight and relevant in design. For example, your might affix Freya or Brigid to the top of your tree. Or maybe an imaginative rendering of Kuan Yin. And if you prefer to represent a god on your tree, the same is true. [As a side note: I had no idea Barbie© had a Goddess Collection until I was researching this topic. Wow. I am impressed and slightly disturbed at the same time.]



Birds look beautiful in a tree. And in holiday trees, too! *wink* They is a wide selection of birds online and in your local craft stores as ornaments and tree toppers. I myself have an owl on my tree and I couldn’t be happier! Butterflies are also a nice option if you want something natural and lovely.

Christmas Time UK


Do you want something winged and whimsical? How about a fairy on top of your tree? Like birds, there is a wide selection fairy tree toppers online. And if you prefer an even wider selection, you can surely put a fairy doll on the top of your tree, so long as the material is not so heavy as to weigh down your top bough. For those of you who love Disney, there is an assortment of Tinkerbell tree toppers for your delight and consideration. Of course, you can always find a gorgeous angel around Christmas time. I mean really, what are angels if not tall fairies?

Rachael DiRenna, Etsy

Original Art

If none of these ideas appeals to your sense of faith or fashion, consider supporting an artist and commission a tree topper that does fit your taste. For example, Rachael DiRenna sells her one of a kind (OOAK) paper mache art on Etsy. Any of her pieces might adorn the top of your tree.

Create Your Own

If you can’t find a piece that is exactly right for the top of your tree, try to find an image that does. You can affix anything to cardboard and wire it to a tree. You can do this for ornaments, too. If you are Heathen (like the princesses), maybe you’d like to find images from the Lore, like Ygdrassil and runes and create an entire tree from traditional stories. Wouldn’t that be gLOREious (har har har). My point being that you can create a tree — whether you think of it as a secular or sacred tradition — and make it something beautiful and meaningful for your home.

Do you put up a tree for the winter holidays? What topper (if any) do you use? Is it meaningful to you? Can you suggest other tree toppers for the practicing Pagan?

+ Featured image, an owl tree topper sold by Pottery Barn. It is sold out this year. I found mine on ebay last Yule!