I am Shiva
I am destruction
My gift is Tandava
I ride on baser instincts
My Ganas whisper in my ear
I release the weary world
I hold deer immobile
My serpents are sage
My skin is ash 

I am Sekhmet
I consume others
My mane’s purpose, slaughter
I am the eye of the sun
I am red on many levels
Healing is a gift unused
I am Harthor’s shadow
A mistress of dread
I do not yield

I am a crone
I bring no succor
My wisdom a blessing
Left crescent in solitude
I cause confidences to wane
Triple Goddess incomplete
My moon was never full
I bestow burden
The end is mine

These words have been sitting with me for several months now as I have tried to frame my frantic life in a pagan perspective. I have cut a swath of what feels like destruction across my path.

To be fair, I am still healthy; I still have a job; my friends and family still love me. So, perhaps it is better to say I have cut a swath of decision across my path. In my heart of hearts, I know my decisions have not been wrong. But it is too soon to say with complete confidence they were right.

What about you readers? When you are struggling with a decision, even after it is made, what gods or stories offer comfort?