Jax and I are bursting with pride in regards to being pagan princesses. That is, we are proud of our blog. And we want to share it with all of our friends and family. Sharing with all family may be problematic as not all our relatives know we are pagan (though we are quite sure they all know we are princesses). Sharing with all friends is a much easier task…or is it?

As it happens, our public musings are focused on parties. Jax and I are a sophisticated pair. Our parties are not keggers on the back lawn, bring your own everything (b.y.o.e.), invite all of your friends (hmm…an idea for Beltane?). Our parties are fine dining, RSVP*, shirts and shoes required. In an earlier blog, we mentioned the guest list will be limited by available space (for comfortable seating) and budget considerations. We also mentioned the list will be limited to previous attendees, in the hopes they will provide feedback on an evening with overt pagan elements.

Short story long…if we tell all of our friends about the blog, but can only invite a few friends to the party, then we may well cause hurt feelings. *grimace* We do not want to cause hurt feelings. We don’t want to be schmoes!

So we find ourselves in a dilemma. Do we brag about our blog and possibly cause injury to valued friends? Or do we keep the blog on the down low and miss an opportunity to share something important (to us) with others? Argh!

What say you blogosphere?

*A note on RSVPs. If someone asks you to RSVP to an event, please do so. Especially when it involves a meal. Hosts need to buy enough food and set enough places. Your timely response will make a princesse’s life much easier!

Note: We are changing post days! Look for new content on Tuesdays and Fridays.