Apologies for not posting last Tuesday! I was mired in “real world” ilk.

The week before last, I basked in the joy of a successful shin-dig. This week, it’s time for some constructive criticism. Well, first I’m going to pat us on the back. Then, I promise, I will critique.

Booyah! (aka What We Did Right)

  1. Super House looked great! Jax and TheScott spruced up the old gal (the house) and she was ready for her date(s). And the decorations were lovely (if I do say so myself).
  2. The menu was delicious! Jax and TheScott served up…

    <a moment please, my cat is playing with the cursor>

    …a hot mess of southernness that Mark Twain would have died for.

  3. The service was commendable. It really helped to have two people serve while one person dished out the grub in the kitchen. Note to selves: always choose a theme where the hostesses can wear shorts! It made the evening so easy.
  4. Our guests were awesome. Not that we were responsible for this particular success, but it bears mentioning.
  5. Ancestor chair was a wonderful experience. See Jax’s post on this topic!

Boo! (aka What We Didn’t Do Right)

  1. We didn’t take pictures. Holy crud. I cannot believe we spent weeks planning and crafting, and then on the night were completely unprepared to collect photographic evidence of our work. Complete fail. Thank the gods for a few thoughtful friends who did take some photos for us (especially k!, who took photos of the settings and decor.)
  2. I messed up the gift count. I am not sure how I managed to do this. I bought enough supplies to make 4 extra thaumatropes (a total of 20), but as I laid out the gifts that evening, I realized I had just enough for those attending (a total of 13). We had 3 guests cancel just before the dinner (all are well now. yay!). Crickey. Did I really burn supplies on 7 trial thaumatropes?
  3. The invitation was late. Again…weeks of planning and blogging, but we still sent the invitation later than we had planned. This really needs to be corrected next year. Folks with kiddos need plenty of time to make sitting arrangements. Which reminds me of something. I know we said we would have a kids’ table in the future, but I’m having second thoughts. Don’t get me wrong. I love me some kiddos! But it’s really nice to have raucous adult time (wink wink, nod nod).

Yah? (aka What Should We Have Done?)

  1. The decor was lovely, but was it Southern Goth? I really did search for southern gothic inspiration. Did I cop out by settling on an antebellum / Victorian look? Maybe I should have gone with a Louisiana swamp look. Blah. Just thinking about the logistics of that design make my head hurt.
  2. Was southern goth a good theme choice? It seemed to confuse some folks at first. So much so that we decided to send an email to guests before the party where we explained the theme and offered costume ideas. Everyone “manned up” with their costumes, though. I especially like the Jedi from the southern part of the galaxy. The force be with y’all!

What do you think? How bad were our Boos!?