TheScott and I have been weaning ourselves off of processed foods for years now, and can happily say that at this point we almost exclusively eat fresh food at our house. We’re also making the transition to organic vegetables and local pastured meats (it’s been a little slower going, but we’re getting there). The difference it’s made in our health – like weight loss, sleeping better at night, clearer skin, and a host of other things – has been amazing. 

But every now and then as I was cracking open a can of cat food, it made me think about Morgan and Seas (said SAY-ahss; she’s named for Scandinavian Electro Accoustic Systems – can you tell which cat TheScott named?), our cats, and how much they, too would benefit from food that didn’t come out of a can. I’ve always been told you can’t feed a cat human food and we never do table scraps (the few times they manage to sneak some they usually yack it up anyway). But it never quite made sense to me that the list of ingredients in my cat’s food can contained a lot of things I couldn’t pronounce.

And if that wasn’t good for me, how could it possibly be good for Mo, my favorite fuzzy-butt in the world? So I started doing some research.

Then I did some more research.

Then I did some more research. (There is a decent amount of conflicting information – particularly on whether or not to add a little bit of vegetable matter – and, as I’m trying to make my cats healthier, I want to make sure I’m doing this right!)

And tonight I finally made my first batch of homemade cat food, based on the most consistent set of veterinarian recommended cat recipes. And it went something like this…

  • Mo (short for Morgan LaFey), the most wonderful cat the universe has ever known.

    Say, what’s for dinner, oh human of mine?

  • The ingredients in my canned cat food.

    Hmm… Do cats eat Pyridoxine Hydrochloride in nature? Or hunt the elusive (genetically modified) soy (bi-product)? I don’t think so.

  • Me: Guess what, kitties! I’m making your food tonight. It’ll be great! 

    Mo: WHAT???

  • Seas (the mean cat)

    [Spoken with a vaguely sinister-sounding Eastern European accent] This smells like actual food. Ridiculous human who ruins my life, you may have gotten something right. For once.

  • You are kidding me, right? No? *sigh* I am so unconvinced.
  • Look guys! It’s real meat! Isn’t that exciting? And I learned how to make a supplement that will supply the other dietary needs you would get if you killed your own mouse.
  • Interesting. I will deign to try your concoction that you have made in a clear attempt to please me and stall my plans of world domination.
  • Oh, hellz no.
  • Me: I’ll give you catnip if you try it!
  • No!
  • Human! You shock me! You have done something that isn’t inane and moronic. We are now friends. No, you still can’t touch me. Ooh… here’s another bowl full. The white cat is even more stupid than you are. Can I have hers?
  • Me: Morgan, if you don’t eat it, I’m going to let Seas have yours.
  • Why do you hate me?

I couldn’t convince Morgan to eat more than a couple pieces (TheScott has dubbed her “McDonalds Cat”), but I will stay strong! I love my little girl, and she’s never been able to lose weight (no matter how much or little I feed her). So I really think this is the right thing to do. We’ll both eventually be happier for it… I hope!

If any of you have tried this and have advice for me, I’d really appreciate it!