I hope everyone had a wonderful Samhain! TheScott and I didn’t do anything this year–we barely got back before the day was upon us! But I do have the a few more photos from our trip to show. GG asked for a map so you could see where we were. I’ll start with that.

Norway Drive

Not my best shot, but I accidentally caught myself taking the photo. This is where MOST of our photos came from. My fingers got cold, but it was worth it! This is between Alesund and Trondheim.

On route toward Trondheim–still nowhere near the Arctic!

The fog coming off the water was so cool!

The sun made everything more lovely. I don’t know if it’s how low it stayed on the horizon or what, but it was spectacular.

One thing that continued to amaze us was how fast the landscape could change. Within five minutes of the snow photos, I took this.

Finally we hopped a plane to the Arctic. This is Tromsø. You can see the Arctic Cathedral, one of their more famous pieces of architecture, in the background.

Most of Tromsø is on an island, as you can tell from these three photos. It’s not big at all!

We took these from on top of a mountain to the southeast of the island.

A cable car goes up to the top of the mountain, and we made a point of getting there just before sunset (around 4:30pm!)

We were THRILLED to witness the Northern Lights! They were gorgeous. This is from the tail end of the approximately hour long show we witnessed.

We went to a “beach” on the southern tip of the island. They claim there’s actually sand here in the summer, and apparently in July some people swim…in the 48 degree water.

A bird flying across the water. The birds there were all huge!

We left the city one day to take a drive southwest into the mountains. The fjord was literally freezing in some places.

Even construction zones in Norway are beautiful.

On the way back to the airport, I took photos of the sunset while TheScott filled up the gas tank of the car. Yes, this is behind a gas station.

I hope one day I get to go back! Where will you go on your dream vacation?