This has been a rough year. But I think it’s important in times of strife to remember that life still has plenty of good things in it, too. So this year, despite me being a grumpy princess, I will give thanks for…

  • TheScott. I can’t imagine life without you, my dear. You are a blessing, a joy and a constant surprise in your capacity for grace and love. I love you forever.

  • All my many amazing friends (including GG!). I am blessed to be surrounded with and supported by intelligent, kind, loyal people. Whenever I think about all of you, I have faith in the world.

  • A&L, my lovely daughters. You may not live with us, but you made me a better person for having been in our lives.

  • The rest of my family (from blood and marriage) who opened their arms to two little girls with no reservations and, since they left, have formed ranks around TheScott and I to look out for us and protect us. I feel like I can do anything because I have an amazing family at my back.

  • My readers. It still amazes me every time I hear someone has picked up a book I wrote, read it and liked it. Each time I hear from one of you is a joy to me.

  • We have two wonderful cats. We have one wonderful cat and one that plans world-domination from whatever cardboard box she can coil herself into. (But we love her anyway. Most of the time.)

  • TheScott and I have two old but working cars, a good house over our heads and a savings account that may not be record-breaking (*snort*) but it did allow us to take a trip without selling a spleen.

  • Doctor Who. Because…well, have you seen it?? TheScott and I are almost caught up. Everybody needs entertainment on bad days, right? Doctor Who is my current go to for a pick-me-up!

In the immortal words of U2, “It’s alright, it’s alright, it’s alright. She moves in mysterious ways.” In my head,“she” is the universe, and sometimes she makes no sense to my little head. But regardless, I have a lot to hold on to that is good.

What are you thankful for in 2013?