[Read in the voice of a young boy]

Hi. My name is Gozer and I live with two girls. One girl is tall and has long red hair, but it only grows from the top of her head. I think that’s weird but I still love her. The other girl is Zoey and she looks like me with a tail and whiskers. Zoey has tabby brown fur and I have grey fur. Me and Zoey both have “sweet eyes.”*  The tall girl with long red hair takes care of me and feeds me and loves on me. I guess she’s like my mom. Her friends call her GG. She calls me Gozer, Goze, Gozey, and sometimes the Lord of Destruction but I don’t know what that means. Me and Zoey eat together, play together and get into fights. Sometimes I let her win. I guess she’s like my sister. I kind of love her, except when she gets me in trouble – which happens a lot. *hmph*

GG trying to kiss me when I was a kitten. She's always trying to do that. Yuck!

I haven’t moved since I first met GG over three years ago,** but I don’t remember that because I was just a kitten. Me, Zoey and GG moved to a new house last week. Moving was hard and I didn’t like it. I still don’t like it. I started a journal when things started changing at my old house. Here’s what happened.

May 11th
Yay! GG is in the attic! She doesn’t usually play up there. She’s pulling out square things that are fun to scratch and rub on. She also brought home a bunch of empty square things. And she’s drinking the red stuff that makes her laugh a lot and play with me and Zoey. This is fun!

May 12th
GG is loving on me a lot this morning. But this is different than her usual sugar.*** Her eyes are leaking and she keeps putting her face in my fur. Oh well. I still like sugar.

GG’s friend is here! I like her (even though she only has hair on her head). She lets me lay on her lap and roll around and she loves on me. They are watching tall cats on the flashing noise they call teevee. I think they are cats, anyway. They have long sharp teeth.****

May 18th
I don’t know about these square things. Every night this week GG has filled at least one while she watched teevee. It was fun to explore these things for a while, but I don’t want them in the house all the time. Zoey likes them. She jumps in them when they are empty and rolls around. GG still loves on me a lot, so I guess everything is okay.

May 19th
GG’s friend is here! I like him (even though he only has hair on his head). He lets me lay in his lap and he loves on me. But he gets mad when I dig my nails in. I can’t help it! When they are snuggled on the couch I want to snuggle too and when they give me sugar it makes me happy and my nails come out and I can’t stop it though I don’t really try but I still don’t mean for it to hurt! *sigh* They watched teevee and laughed a lot tonight. I like it when they laugh.

May 20th
More square things with more stuff in them. I still don’t know what to make of this. But I’m starting to think something big is going to happen.

May 25th
All week it’s been the same thing. Stuff into square things. More stuff into more square things. Grr. And tonight the man who used to live here took the couch and comfy chair. How am I supposed to sit in GG’s lap now?

May 26th
I think the big thing is happening. There are people here moving all the square things out of the house. Where are they going?! But more people here means more people to love on me. I don’t know what to feel. Argh!

Zoey sleeping. The perfect time for me to attack!

May 28th
The big thing is still happening. Today all the furniture went into a giant truck and the house is empty. I stayed in the attic all day to keep out of the way. Zoey stayed outside. I haven’t seen much of GG and she was gone all afternoon. I hope she comes back!

She came back. She stuffed me into my carrier. Zoey put up a fight, but I didn’t. Not until we got into the car. I hate the car. Zoey was quiet the whole time, but I made sure to tell GG how mean she was being. I told her all the way to the different house. When we got to the different house, GG put us in a room on the bed and opened our carriers. I got out and started exploring right away. All the square things are here! Zoey didn’t move. She stayed in her carrier for a long time. Then she hid under the bed. She didn’t come out until GG gave her treats and then only for a little while. Me and GG played my favorite game where she puts sheets on the bed and I defend the bed by attacking the sheets. I never seem to win this game. Then I hid under the covers for a long time. It’s nice and dark and snuggly there.

It’s bedtime but I can’t sleep. I keep telling GG what I’m thinking but she isn’t listening. “I want to go home!” I told her over and over. All night. But we didn’t leave. “Wake up! This isn’t our house!” I said again and again. But we still didn’t leave. I have two new nicknames though! Hush and Babypleastop. Zoey was quiet all night. No new nicknames for her. Ha!

May 29th
GG has been gone all day. I stayed in the covers for a while. Then under the bed. And I did some exploring. *sigh* When are we going home?

GG’s home! She gave me and Zoey lots of sugar tonight. Now she’s taking stuff out of the square things.

I can’t sleep again tonight. I’m trying to talk to GG, but she put pink stuff in her ears, so she can’t hear me. I keep yelling, “Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!,” but she didn’t get out of bed. I told her I don’t understand what’s happening. I told her all night. But nothing changed. I got more nicknames! Ineetosleep and Pleashutup. Zoey was still quiet.

May 30th
GG’s home early! Someone else is here, too, but I don’t know him so I stayed under the bed. The teevee works now and that seems to make GG happy. I like it when GG’s happy.

I must’ve slept too much today because I still can’t sleep tonight. “I’m bored! I want to go outside! I want to go home! Wake up! Love on me!” I tried saying several things to see if that changed what GG did. It didn’t. The pink things fell out of her ears during the night, though, so I know she heard me. My newest nickname is Damnitbaby.

May 31st
GG just left the house. I guess this is my new home. She keeps coming back at night, just like she did before. And me and Zoey are here, just like we were before. GG feeds us and loves on us and plays with us. Just like before. I guess moving isn’t too bad after all. Maybe tonight I will let GG sleep. Maybe.

When is the last time you moved? Did you like it?



Me and some bird feathers. I'm a good hunter!

* That’s what GG calls pale blue or green eyes.

** GG thinks I’m immature for my age. That cat experts say I should be a grown up by now. But I love to run and play and fight and hunt! Everything else is BOR-ing. Oh, and I usually like to sleep. A lot. During the day when GG’s not home.

*** Sugar is the same thing as getting loved on.

**** GG says they aren’t cats. They are vampires. “Not the wimpy ones in Twilight. The cool, sexy ones on True Blood,” she said. Oh geez.*rolling eyes*

+ Featured image is me sleeping on GG’s hip.