Before we move on to the article… if you haven’t seen it, The Pagan Princesses were thrilled to be interviewed for an article in the Austin American Statesman. If you’re coming here for the first time based on that article, we hope you enjoy your tour of “The Realm” and come back again!* Comments are loved and appreciated, no matter what your point of view. We do ask that everyone keep it respectful of all religious stripes – GG and I may both be Pagan, but we think a diverse realm is a good realm!

On to our request…

Last year GG took issue with New Years Resolutions but this year I’m making quite a few. This is different for me than my Autumnal Resolutions – those are about letting go in preparation for winter. New Years Resolutions – actually my Yule Oaths – aren’t about cleaning out, but building up. If Autumn is about necessary destruction, Yule is about the things we build to take their place.

This year is going to see a lot of change for my family, change I’ll be writing more about in the coming weeks. But there is one resolution I’ll share with you right away, because it’s about YOU, dear realm. We Princesses want to hear more from our lovely readers and respond more to your wishes for the realm. So here’s the way we’ll start… keeping in mind our basic premise – Pagan social issues and socializing – what topics would you like to see here at The Pagan Princesses? What questions about Paganism would you like us to answer? What current issues do you think we should be discussing? Also, we’d love to see opinions on what you’d like more of. More discussion of holidays? Gods? Current events? What are your favorite (and *peeking between fingers* least favorite) things about the realm?

We’d love to see your answers in the comments, but you can also post to our Facebook page or Tweet us. We look forward to hearing what you have to say and incorporating your ideas into future posts!

Happy 2012 everybody!

*If you’re looking for articles to start with, for our first anniversary this August, GG selected her favorite of my quotes, and I selected my favorite of her quotes. I’ve also written articles on the basics of Heathenry (the type of Paganism GG and I practice), how we chose our name, why we decided to come out of the “broom closet,” and why we capitalize things the way we do (though if you read any article written before May 2011, you’ll find a variety of haphazardly used capital letters!) You’ll find articles on current events, basic information on Pagan rituals, beliefs, and holidays, interviews with people of a variety of faiths, and endless ruminations on living Pagan in a multi-cultural world (click on any highlights for examples of each).

+ Featured Image:  Fireworks on Sydney Harbour 31/12/2008 by Adam.J.W.C.