Yule tidings, y’all!

[Have we mentioned we live in Texas?]

Today is the shortest day of the year and the first day of winter. While the sun will be spending more time in our sky in the days to come, his warmth will be mightily tempered by winter’s chill. As Jax said last week, the best way to find warmth this time of year is among family and friends. We’d like to know how you spend time with loved ones in the winter. What traditions does your family have for Yule, Christmas, New Years, etc?

I’ll start.

I like to learn about winter traditions around the world. I am fascinated by what people in other countries do to celebrate winter holidays. Here are some terrific photos of cultural practices. There is also a great site called The Holiday Spot that summarizes customs from other countries. About.com has some neat information, too. I especially like the Italian custom of a woman, La Befana, handing out presents.

What do you do to celebrate winter holidays?