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The Princess and the "Book of Mormon"

The Princess and the “Book of Mormon”

♛ Spoiler Alert: I’ve tried to avoid spoilers here, but it’s not easy. Read at your own risk! ♛ I saw the musical the “Book of Mormon” last weekend. Prior to being offered a ticket, I was lukewarm about seeing this show even though it’s won lots of awards. I am a fan of “South Park” and...
Accusations of Witchcraft as a "Mystical Weapon"

Accusations of Witchcraft as a “Mystical Weapon”

Royal subjects, there is something amiss in the sub-Saharan African realm. Children, and sometimes the elderly, are being accused of witchcraft and are consequently victims of torture. The accounts of individual and social violence against those accused are horrifying, so much so that I shudder to link you to examples. But if I don’t, you...