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Walpurgis Night - The Other Beltane

Walpurgis Night – The Other Beltane

Walpurgisnacht (Walburga’s Night / Walpurgis Night) is a popular Germanic holiday celebrated at the same time as Beltane... Now famous for the bonfires that light the hills of Sweden, the champagne toasts in Finland, and the pranks of southern Germany it has been known as both a witch’s holiday and the feast day of a...
Wildfires in Texas are Close to Home (Literally)

Wildfires in Texas are Close to Home (Literally)

I recently read a post on another pagan blog, No Unsacred Place (part of the Pagan Newswire Collective we told you about a few months ago). The author expressed concern over the role of pagans (or lack thereof) as leaders in environmental conservation and / or stewardship.* She also bemoaned that not all pagans consider...
A Change of Plans for Beltane

A Change of Plans for Beltane

Hello lords and ladies! This is a short, but sweet, post to update you on our Royal Events. Jax and I had big hopes for a Beltane event open to the public. Alas, Lady Fortune has other plans for us this year. Jax and I have every intention of proposing a new idea for Beltane....
Our Next Party Event...A Beltane Picnic

Our Next Party Event…A Beltane Picnic

The princesses have been ruminating over a second party event. The Halloween party is an annual event, established by Jax and her husband, TheScott. Part of the beauty of celebrating Halloween is that it is a wonderful and familiar crossover between the (pagan) sacred and the secular. If you’re new to our blog, one of...