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The Disting Project (take 2!)

The Disting Project (take 2!)

…changed a bit from my original intentions. I thought I was going to make a mantle decoration to make me feel better about taking all the Yule decorations down… but after wandering Hobby Lobby for an hour (or two. Or more.) I kept being drawn to the scrapbooking supplies, and the idea that I could...
Suggestions Wanted - Kicking Ordinary to the Curb

Suggestions Wanted – Kicking Ordinary to the Curb

I almost finished packing up our Yule Decorations yesterday, and like always, I hated doing it. It’s not just the work; I mean, yes, I can admit laziness is one of my cardinal vices. But the real reason is that after the color of Halloween and Yule, the house looks so plain when the tree...