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Jax's Detox Home Challenge

Jax’s Detox Home Challenge

I’ve decided to try phasing out new-fangled (20th Century and later) chemicals in my house by replacing my cleaners and personal care items with homemade equivalents. I want to do this both as an environmental and health measure, but as a cost saving measure as well. For quite a while now we’ve been exchanging hard-core...
The Green Promise of Greywater

The Green Promise of Greywater

Jax and I live in Texas which you might have heard is in a drought. We’ve written about the consequences of drought for our state before. Our neighbors north of Texas are in a worse state than we are in this drought with most of Colorado and Kansas experiencing extreme drought conditions. As populations grow...
The Princesses' Food Manifesto (Part 1)

The Princesses’ Food Manifesto (Part 1)

Consumers are being asked to make food choices in terms of not only health and money issues, but in terms of environmental and social values as well. The task of food shopping has become fraught with conflicting information, frustration and, often, outright cynicism. Being an educated consumer has never been more challenging. – Mary V....