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Planned Parenthood and the 2011 Texas Legislature

Planned Parenthood and the 2011 Texas Legislature

Last month, Jax and I attended a Mom Prom to help raise money for Planned Parenthood of the Texas Capitol Region. Well, really, we went to dance to music from back-inna-day. And dance we did! But raising money for Planned Parenthood (PP) was a very important part of the evening.* Our friend (and loyal reader)...
The Princesses' Food Manifesto (Part 1)

The Princesses’ Food Manifesto (Part 1)

Consumers are being asked to make food choices in terms of not only health and money issues, but in terms of environmental and social values as well. The task of food shopping has become fraught with conflicting information, frustration and, often, outright cynicism. Being an educated consumer has never been more challenging. – Mary V....