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Shelving Pagans (in a Bookstore)

Shelving Pagans (in a Bookstore)

Paganism is a religion? Who knew? Apparently bookstores have finally figured it out. A fantastic article by Elysia over at Llewellyn details the new shift in the Book Industry Standards and Communication (BISAC) coding, which typically dictates where a book is shelved in a bookstore. Pagan books, which have traditionally been shelved with “Body, Mind...
Newt-G and I Agree On Something. Oh, And It's Snowing in Tartarus

Newt-G and I Agree On Something. Oh, And It’s Snowing in Tartarus

“The effort to create alternatives to marriage between a man and a woman are perfectly natural pagan behaviors…” – Newt Gingrich on Jan. 25, 2012 during a conference call with Jim Garlow (The full call can be found on his website) Wow, break out the trumpets! Newt-G said something I agree with. Of course, he...
A Picture That's Worth 1000 Words (of My Complaining)

A Picture That’s Worth 1000 Words (of My Complaining)

You know, sometimes I KNOW it would be better to just leave something alone, but criminently, my dander gets up and I just can’t. So…ranting by Jax. I haven’t been to journalism school or anything, but I have a few basic ideas about journalistic standards, and as a writer with an English degree, I have...
Winning PR (Or... Not)

Winning PR (Or… Not)

This post has been challenging to write because, at my core, I do not believe in censorship. When push comes to shove, I will defend your legal right to perform whatever you want on camera (provided you aren’t lying or physically harming somebody) and distribute it however you see fit. However, believing someone has the...