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A Steamy Halloween - Steampunk, that is

A Steamy Halloween – Steampunk, that is

“It’s a subculture that embraces the simplicity and romance of the past, at the same time couples it with the hope and promise and sheer super-coolness of futuristic design.” – Richard Castle describes Steampunk in Season 3 Episode 4 of Castle Today’s topic is not so pagan-y, but it’s a fun one anyway: Steampunk! I...
The Inaugural Ancestor Chair

The Inaugural Ancestor Chair

It was more than little surreal, standing in a circle with vampires, a pirate, a redneck, a carnival mistress, and all of them so serious. I was about to lead my first public ritual, and I was dressed as a waitress from a tv show. My long blonde hair – a wig – caught my...
Southern Gothic Menu Planning - Princess Style

Southern Gothic Menu Planning – Princess Style

I believe I’ve mentioned my intense love of all things gastronomic, and so planning a feast fit for The Princesses and friends was not a chore in the least. Figuring out a menu that will balance diets, please a variety of palates, and still be fun to cook was, as always, a challenge, but I...
A Chair for My Friends

A Chair for My Friends

While American memorials of the dead usually end with the funeral, many cultures around the world have an annual festival recognizing kith and kin who have passed before – like the Japanese Bon, the Korean Chuseok, or the Mexican Dia de los Muertos. Though there are limited instances of this practice in the U.S. (like the...