…changed a bit from my original intentions. I thought I was going to make a mantle decoration to make me feel better about taking all the Yule decorations down… but after wandering Hobby Lobby for an hour (or two. Or more.) I kept being drawn to the scrapbooking supplies, and the idea that I could create something decorative for my family.

Which turned into making decorative picture holders for my grandmother (Ma) and mother (Mum) – two amazing women who inspire me – and then taking a road trip with Mum to see Ma (which will happen next week, snow allowing!) to deliver them. (Neither of them know about the frames yet, but I don’t think Mum reads this blog, and I KNOW Ma doesn’t, so I should be safe revealing the surprise to you early!)

I had no idea what I was doing, but I’m usually decent as making things up as I go along, so don’t look to me as an authority, but feel free to take any ideas you like!

I forgot to take a picture before I cut holes for images, so pretend it's solid.

  • I covered the mat in different colors of paper. This is necessary because one piece of paper. ) won’t cover the 11”x14” area that I was going to frame. I also think it looks nice to have the variety! I used the acid free archival quality that is commonly available for scrapbooking.
  • This part made me nervous, but don't let anyone scare you off of trying. With the right tools, it's really not hard.

    I learned how to cut a mat. Careful measurements are necessary, but overall it was a lot easier than I expected.

  • I got my last one practically perfect. I’m so proud!

    Check that smooth 45 degree angle. W00t!

  • Getting that cursive transfer in might've been the hardest part of the whole thing!

    I picked up a bunch of scrapbooking embellishments to add to the mat. These include stickers and rub-on transfers. I like having all the different textures.

  • Butterfly/Beautiful/Life; crown/love/cut out... and more triangles

    For placing embellishments, there’s an art suggestion called “visual triangles.” It says that humans tend to find arrangements placed in a triangle to be more visually appealing than a line. You’ll see a lot of triangles in my work!

  • The striped button (along with the paper pattern change) "pin down" the corner

    As a theater person, I also like to “pin down the corners” – that means placing something at the corners to help give a finished look to the composition.

  • Finished work. A new career for me? 😉

    The final product (just waiting for photos). I hope my mother likes it!

* I apologize for the late post. It took me a little longer to finish the project than I anticipated (i.e. I procrastinated). Hmm… guess I’d better get to work cleaning up that table!

Hmm... I made a mess!