Don’t worry, lords and ladies of the realm, I’ll finish my promised post next week! But today is the Princesses’ home state’s point day in the DC40 campaign and we want your help! We believe that the words we speak into the universe, be they prayers, spells, or simply words of purpose, have resonance beyond the whisper or shout (or click of a keyboard) they make. When many voices speak as one, it’s a powerful thing. Today people across the US are speaking out to homogenize the United States under their definition of faith, and they’re focusing on Texas. (If you’re unfamiliar with DC40 or the NAR and want to learn more, see the article linked above, my article on The Response or Jason Pitzl-Water’s many discussions of this topic over at The Wild Hunt.)

Here at The Pagan Princesses we’d love to have as many comments as possible speaking wishes and expressions of joy for a diverse nation. What do you love about America being a mosaic nation, a composition where different pieces intermingle but still retain their individuality? How does America’s diversity make us stronger? If you’re not from the US, how do you believe diversity in America can be better for the world?

Even if you don’t have something specific to say, a “Huzzah” or “Amen” or other noise of support counts as a voice chiming in. Please send as many people as you can to raise their voices! What we speak with purpose echoes with meaning and power. Let’s make a clamor.

Jax says…
To me, diversity means living in harmony despite differences. It means respecting other people’s views. It means creating a more beautiful, more powerful nation. I’m so grateful I live in a country where I can be myself and find strength and comfort through faith in a way that works best for me, even if it’s not the same as the majority. May the gods bless America as she strives to be a nation diverse in looks, beliefs, and ideas.

GG says…
I grew up in a place where diversity and multiculturalism were part of the fabric in my community (Homestead, FL — 30 miles south of Miami), making it easy for me to embrace diversity. Its hard for me to understand people who have trouble with difference. And as I have learned over time, they have a hard time understanding me and my acceptance of grey (versus black and white). So I will spend today reaching and wishing for a way to bridge the gap between us. Or at least for a way to start the conversation about the value of diversity. And on a (very) practical note, I would like to point out that diversity in America is a boon to capitalism. It attracts tourism and trade to our nation and to our state (Texas).

+ Featured Image: Painting The Colours of Diversity Mural by Rebekahanthony