We got selected.

A huge thank you to everyone who has sent their good wishes, their prayers, their magic, and their energy. I know the support we’ve been shown by everyone–in our physical lives and our online lives–has made a huge difference. TheScott and I have a “trial weekend” before paperwork gets signed, so nothing is for sure yet. But it’s looking pretty good. Now the most important thing for us is to ensure the children feel safe and comfortable in our home. If anyone has any spare mojo to send toward that goal I’d appreciate it!

For the next few weeks (probably until the children start school), my posts will likely be short notes on what’s happening or maybe questions when I’m looking for advice. But philosophy, politics, religious commentary, etc. will probably be beyond my mental capacity. 🙂 (Don’t worry. GG will still be getting her Princess on with her regular Friday posts!) When we get our family feet under us (with two additional pairs of comfortable yet stylish shoes!) I’ll be back with her in full force with more Pagan Princess-ing like you’re used to…with some Adventures in Pagan Parenting thrown in.

A big thank you again for the outpouring of support everyone in The Realm has given to TheScott and I over the past year. Making a family has been a crazy, bumpy journey, and as TheScott and I take this big step forward, I am so appreciative of how many kind-hearted, positive people there are out there, both in my daily life and in my virtual life.

The Realm rocks. I tip my tiara to you.



+ Featured image, carved angels holding hands on the 14th century tomb in Yorkshire, England.