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Oh my goodness, oh my goodness. Another year has passed in The Realm! Like last year, we’re celebrating by picking our favorite quotes from our Partner in Princessing to spotlight some of the reasons we love working together! It was hard to whittle it down to five, but here are my personal favorite Year Two writings from GG…


“The option to lie about my age is becoming increasingly attractive. But that kinda negates Lucy’s first piece of advice, ‘to live honestly.’ Ah well, you can’t have everything. I will miss being honest.” – The Secret to Staying Young

In this article, GG dealt with age and those occasional birthdays that get under our skin. She was hilarious as she dissected Lucille Ball’s advice, discussed skin care, and wondered where her car keys had gotten to.


And in that moment, Mr. Anthony began forging a bond with Nana and her herd that would last the rest of his life, and likely the rest of theirs.” – An Extraordinary Display of Love by Elephants in South Africa

I wasn’t quite sure which quote to pull from this article because no one sentence necessarily stands out to me. But “An Extraordinary Display of Love by Elephants in South Africa” might be my favorite article of the year. I love GG’s description of the friendship between man and pachyderm (as well as learning about her fascination with elephants… I had no idea!)


But maybe the flames were my ancestors protecting me from him, creating a wall that he couldn’t penetrate. Or maybe the flames were my ancestors showing me that all that hurt, be it real, perceived, physical or emotional, could be burned away. – Sleeping With Ancestors: Manic and Romantic Dreams

Here’s a beautiful piece where GG gets personal, talking about a recurring dream of her childhood and what it might have meant. I love this quote that shows off her amazing strength.


“…Stories like these remind me that some events transcend differences and pull people together to seek fairness and justice. Sometimes I am filled with so much hope I feel like I could fill 100 sheets of clean paper with promise.

“…Stories like these remind me that some differences transcend events and drag people down in search of power and revenge. Sometimes I am filled with so much worry I feel like crumpling all those sheets of paper, ripping them up and lighting them on fire.” – Living with National Tragedy, 10 Years Later

On the anniversary of 9/11, GG wrote a hanky-inducing piece about dealing with the emotions of the tragedy, listening to the memories of those who were there, and finding your tree–your roots and branches–to hang on to through the hard times. This particular quote still gives me chills.

And last but not least…


Full disclosure. Jax is not a Trekkie. She is a full-on, dyed-in-the-wookiee, Baldr-to-the-wall ‘Star Wars’ fan. Unlike other Trekkie / Wars fans, we do not sit around and banter insults about the value and validity of one versus the other. *phst* Well…not anymore. It was really cramping our friendship. We have agreed to disagree on this vital social issue. – Star Trek’s Seven Life Lessons: How do the Pagan Princesses Measure Up?

Okay, so this one is probably funnier to me than anybody else, but I had never heard either “dyed-in-the-wookiee” or “Baldr-to-the-wall” and I need to find ways to use both of them. In daily conversation if possible. GG cracks me up!

GG, thanks for another awesome year! And big, huge, serious thanks for watching over The Realm while I’ve been on hiatus. I will (finally) be back next week for my regularly scheduled posts!