Jax shared five things she is thankful for on Tuesday. Here is my list of thanks…

  • Being healthy. This might be an odd thing to be thankful for since I’ve have bum luck with my back this year. And I jacked up my thumb last month. But these experiences have made me keenly aware of how our bodies are both strong and fragile. I’m thankful that for the most part I am of sound body and mind. <No peanut gallery comments, please. This means you, Charles.>
  • Mr. Awesome. What can I say? He’s awesome. Come what may, he helps me find happiness in the here and now.
  • Family ties. My family is as quirky as I am. They like to think I’m the weird one, but their freak comes out often enough to prove I’m not a genetic misfire. I’m thankful to be friends with my kin. And I’m thankful to finally have kin in town! My niece is living with me for a year.
  • Gainful employment. The economy is showing signs of recovery and that’s fantastic news. I am very thankful to have been employed during the entirety of the downturn. Not just employed, but working for and with talented people who help me continue to grow professionally.
  • Digging out of debt. It’s been a slow haul, but I should be much better situated by next summer. I’m grateful to friends — especially to Mr. Awesome — who have helped me stay sane and focused on reducing debt this last year.

And you, Royal Readers? What are you thankful for?

+ Featured image, Home to Thanksgiving by Currier and Ives.