February 2012, that is (not November). 😉 Last month, we wrote about the 12th Annual Weblog Awards, known as the Bloggies. Sadly, the dynamic duo (us) did not become finalists. If you voted for us, thank you so much! If you didn’t, then you are royally excused (especially since Jax and I forgot to vote, too. Do’h!).

Do not fret at our being left off the final list for we are proud to decree another Heathen blog has made the cut! Drum roll, please…<cue snare>…The Norse Mythology Blog (TNMB) is one of the five final nominations for Best Religion or Spirituality Blog. The other sites look pretty neat, too, but they ain’t our peeps. And we want to give props to our (Heathen) peeps. It helps, however, that TNMB is awesome. Just check out the list of archives to see what it has to offer. Here’s my favorite quote-to-date:

“While [critics] calls Hawking a dogmatic New Atheist, I would argue that the physicist is actually an open-minded Old Mythologist.” Stephen Hawking: The Myths and the Critics, 2010

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that TNMB’s author, Karl Seigfried, is an academic. I haz PhD and likes (most) other PhDs. He teaches Norse religion and mythology at Carthage College and Loyola University. Way to kick it, Karl!

Voting closes this Sunday at 10:00pm EST. If TNMB wins the top award, Karl will get a cash prize — and I quote:

“…the Weblog of the Year receives a prize of 2,012 US cents (US$20.12).”

That’s a lot of cents, my friends. So don’t wait, realm — be counted by casting a vote now.

Hey, Karl! If you win, will you give us an interview? *batting my eyes*